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Jim Bachety

Lead Guitar : Writer : Composer

Elizabeth Mandell

Rhythm Guitar : Vocals

Kyle Fabian

Bass Guitar

Stefan Moser


Photos by Andrea Fabian Photography

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Horizon is a smooth jazz quartet from Beaufort, SC comprised of Stefan Moser (Drums), Kyle Fabian (Bass), Jim Bachety (Lead Guitar), and Elizabeth Mandell (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals). The band performs original, smooth jazz music written and arranged by Jim Bachety, as well as a variety of standard and contemporary jazz songs, with Elizabeth singing the vocals of jazz artists from Frank Sinatra to Norah Jones. 

After a successful music career in New York, Jim moved to the low country of South Carolina and opened The Guitar Place as a music school for local aspiring musicians. Stefan, Elizabeth, and Kyle, all started taking music lessons with Jim, and after years of theory and technique, Jim determined that the next step for the trio of talented students was to start performing in front of an audience to gain experience as professional musicians.

With a repertoire of original and cover songs that Jim had played with his previous bands, he put together a set for his three students to perform alongside himself on lead guitar. With modest beginnings at local restaurants and small parties, the group now plays consistently throughout Beaufort, Bluffton, Hilton Head, Savannah and Charleston, at venues ranging from local restaurants to large weddings and corporate parties.   

Influenced by smooth jazz stalwarts such as the Pat Metheny Group and The Rippingtons, Horizon offers a sound that is both soothing and exciting. The band has grown and developed into a unique entity, with Stefan, Kyle, and Elizabeth adding their own influences to Jim's fantastic compositions. Horizon is currently working on recording new music at Charleston Sound Studios, as well as continually updating its repertoire of covers.

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